Stop searching, there is no answer.

Dave Brey
2 min readMay 29, 2021
There is no one right way. Sketch by Dave Brey

The higher road, the middle way, the highway to hell, the stairway to heaven — none of it exists. There is only the journey and it exists as it is with indescribable uniqueness. The search for a single answer to the meaning or purpose of life will never be fruitful. The meaning of life cannot be discovered with thought and logic because there is no one right answer. Despite the entirety of education, there is no single correct response to the questions of life. Stop searching for the right answer.

We want a simple way of understanding the world around us, how to live, and how to have a rewarding life. But a single answer does not exist. Every moment from birth to death we are at the mercy of the winds and the waters of life. We can aim, we can work, we can improve, but life will take us where it decides to go. Despite our concerns about where our life may be heading or where we have been already, there is no wrong path. Some roads may be rough and cause pain. Other patches of the same road may be smooth and have beautiful scenery. Stop searching for the right fork to take in the road of life. Stop searching and start living.

The only way for us to achieve a rewarding life is to do something and repeatedly take further action. Dreams are realized only through activity. Staying still and engaging with thought will never get us where we want to go. Only action will move us forward. The decisions we make cannot be wrong if the actions they inspire us to take are moving us forward.

We need to stop searching for the single answer to life’s questions because there is no answer. We must go outside ourselves and do something instead. Eternity will fall away again and again as we agonize over the endless possible answers to the questions of life and yet the questions will remain. The journey only begins when the search is over and we start walking.

Dave Brey

Moving toward perfection with no hope of getting there and learning along the way. I like to help others by teaching them how to help themselves.